Kate Croft – Shamanic Healer & Educator

 About Me

I am a full-time Spiritual Teacher, Practitioner and Healer, having learned with spiritual teachers and healers from many wisdom traditions around the world, both indigenous and contemporary. For the past two decades, I have studied many natural healing modalities as well as both core shamanic techniques, and earth based shamanic/animist techniques.

I often incorporate many aspects from my healing basket into treatments during sessions. My training, professional experiences, and my own healing through trauma and losses, have equipped me with a profound deepening and sense of connection, and disconnection, to others and to our planet. It has also made me aware of how much grief I was carrying that was inherited through unresolved hardships in my ancestral lineages. These experiences have deepened my insight and empathy for others in pain, and for inter-generational wounding and healing. I have always been very attuned to the suffering in our world, and at times have been overwhelmed by the global and ecological despair. My belief is that much of this collective pain and destruction (racism, sexism, colonialism, earth-as-commodity, to name a few) are in part a symptom of unresolved ancestral trauma, and by extension, a disconnection from a sense of belonging to our planet.

As our crumbling social, political and religious institutions continue to fail us, and as we watch the consequences of our actions deplete, pollute and choke the earth, so many of us are looking for answers to the ever-more urgent question of how we should live now.

Our roots are anchored in the land, and the land is our greatest teacher. We need to put our roots down deeply again into this ancient earth, and find our sense of the sacred once more. Although, the chain of our ancestral spiritual traditions has been broken, the land is still there as our teacher. The Celtic people were deep listeners and observers of the natural world. This required a state of living fully in the now, the present moment “Tei Sarna”.

I align myself with the Bean Feasa, A Gaelic term describing a wise woman whose roots stretch back past my Celtic ancestors to pre-Celtic and beyond. This tradition of healing goes back since the beginning of our time on The Great Mother. This is the tradition of the mothers, healers, midwives, herbalists and shaman.

I have been afraid, I have doubted myself and have made mistakes over and over again, while learning that I am not special or different. What I have learned is how to quiet my mind and temper my ego, how to be present to the moment while keeping my heart open and allowing.

With tears in my eyes I remember all of the listeners who came before me. All those who have carried these sacred medicine traditions along the hands for so many generations.”

 Experience & Training

Natural Healing Modalities 

Foothills College of Massage Therapy 2002

Reiki levels 1 & 2 2002 

Upledger Institute  Cranio Sacral Therapy 2003-continuing

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) Alive Academy 2004

Therapeutic Reflexology Institute 2005

Reiki Master 2005

Sound Healing Institute of Integrative Medicine 2006

Maya Abdominal Therapy- Belize 2008

Dona Certified Birth Doula 2009

Yoga Teacher Training 250 hours  – Sunshine Yoga 2010

Shamanic Reiki Teacher Training 2017

Animist/Shamanic Apprenticeships and Training

I feel blessed and humbled to have studied with so many great teachers and to be an initiated pathfinder within a Northern Celtic animist tradition. 

I would like to honour all of my teachers, with a place in my heart by naming them here;

Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Lynn Cedar Roberts, Mirta Romberg, Swami Rama, Tom Kenyon, Bruce Lipton, John Quicktree, Christina Pratt, Sharon Blackie, John-Luke Edwards and Shauna Janz

All of the blood, milk, and land ancestors from Scotland and Ireland

The Q’ero and Shipibo ancestors from Peru, and Sacred Plant teachers from the mountains, jungle and wetlands.

The Mayan ancestor teachers from Belize, Central America.

The Cree Nations Sundance Ceremonies 

The twisted Hairs Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The First Nations ancestors of the unceded land of the Tsuut’ina Nation, Stoney Nakoda Nation, Siksika Nation, from my heart-home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, Canada

The Mayan ancestor teachers from Belize, Central America.

“And to all who have taught and continue to teach me my life lessons”…


Shamanic healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path.