Cranio Sacro Therapy

 Cranio Sacro Therapy

This gentle, hands-on technique involves the craniosacral system – a system of the body composed of membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.  CST is effective at treating a number of problems, including pain, headaches, central nervous system disorder, chronic fatigues syndrome, stress, tension and more.  Proponents of CST also claim that is aids in improving mental clarity and emotional well-being.

One of the main questions is “Is this energy work”?  It’s important for me to make this easy to understand because there is a big difference. Yet there are also some similarities. First of all Cranio Sacral Therapy works on the Craniosacral System.  This is a system where craniosacral fluid is created in the ventricles of the brain, circulated there and around the spine and is then reabsorbed back into the venous system.  So it is an actual physiological process.  This fluid nourishes, helps protect and clears the Central Nervous System (CNS).  When there are restrictions in the CNS, this fluid can release tension and help it to optimally support healthy functioning.  This is important because the CNS connects to basically everything in the body.  It is the Superhighway of communication for all the things that our body does.  Craniosacral Therapy also works with the fascia which is a three dimension web of connective tissue.   Working with fascia is quite transformative for posture and the whole body as well.

Sessions can last anywhere from an hour or a hour and a half depending on your needs. During that time, I will quietly, gently hold parts of your body, listening to the subtle rhythms and tracking changes in your system. It is important to note that while a single session can have noticeable effects, it often takes multiple sessions to re-set of the Central Nervous System

During the session, you may:

  • Relax so deeply that you fall asleep
  • Enter a quiet meditation-like state
  • Feel as if you are dreaming while awake
  • Experience memories or insights while on the table
  • Enjoy a pleasant sense of warmth, softening, widening or floating

At times, you may experience other kinds of sensations as energy that has been held in the body is released. If this occurs, just stay present with your breath and bodily sensations and allow this energy to discharge. The session quite often involves a process of letting go of patterns that inhibit your health and vitality. Once these patterns begin to shift, there may be changes in your fluids, tissues, bones and potency. You may experience a sense of integration in your body, mind and spirit.

At the end of the session, you may:

  • Feel relaxed, but also energized
  • Find yourself breathing more fully and deeply
  • Stand straighter and taller
  • Feel more comfortable in your body
  • You may be surprised to feel a new sense of peace and ease, renewed, to your life