Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

“Every breath is a second chance.” Such a beautiful quote, which is sometimes used alongside many dandelion tattoos! Bringing to mind the similarities between dandelions and us humans. The most perfect symbol of survival and rebellion.

Dandelions sink their roots deep into the earth in order to endure and when faced with trauma, dandelions often come back twice as resilient. Not only do they thrive in difficult conditions, they also represent staying power in the most adverse of circumstances.

They are symbolic of the sun and the fire within us; they share traits like growth, clarity, radiance, healing, and illumination.

The dandelion in its “puffball” state spreads billions of seeds with just the faintest of breezes. This airy way of reproduction links dandelion meanings to the element of air. Air is symbolic of thought; What kind of “thought seeds” have you sewn and manifested within your being?

The dandelion is a good reminder for us to start afresh occasionally and to shed our baggage…to let the energy move.

For millennia the Wisdom Keepers, the medicine people of the Earth developed methodologies for healing that were based on upgrading the quality of the light body. This electromagnetic field is directly related to how we perceive and interact with the world. In fact, it connects us to everything; everything is made of energy.  This could be a scientific statement, or it could be a mystical one….

From a metaphysical perspective, the energy body contains the chakras and auras. Chakras are within the body and the aura surrounds the body.

When this field is out of resonance and light is blocked from flowing effortlessly the energy body can become out of balance. Everything living and non-living is in a state of vibrational harmonic resonance. The universe was created through frequency patterns and it continues to expand. What we call matter is now understood to be an energy which is organized by waveforms and frequencies.

Dis-ease and negative emotional states such as imprints (cellular memories) calibrate at a lower frequency than positive emotions and wellness. If an organ or system is in a weaker or more vulnerable state, it is a likely place for disease to take hold.

Resonant energy can be introduced through the hands, crystals, rocks, sound and light. As energy transmits its own healing vibration, it has two functions. One is to support and amplify the light in others, so their light may grow and expand. The other is to purify and transform, by activating energies of separation and darkness which have been held within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies of all souls.

One person’s pulsation rate induces a change within another’s field….like tuning forks.

The dandelion is a good reminder for us to start afresh occasionally and to shed our baggage.

“I shed light upon that which is otherwise hidden.”

What impact are you having on those around you? Are they positive or negative?

When you impart something of yourself on to the world, be sure that it is something you feel proud of. Tend to your inner wisdom and cultivate the best you. Simply put, the dandelion flower symbol teaches us to be the best and most empowered version of ourselves.

You might curse it as a weed when it pops up in your lawn, but the Dandelion is beautiful and full of symbolism nonetheless. This cheerful little flower can grow practically anywhere there is a pinch of soil or a crack in the sidewalk. Even if you think of the plant as nothing more than a pest, understanding some of its using as a symbol could give you a new appreciation for those flowers you keep pulling up as you weed.

What Does the Dandelion Flower Mean?

The common and humble Dandelion has a surprising amount of different meanings. The Dandelion means:

  • Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike
  • Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense
  • The warmth and power of the rising sun
  • Surviving through all challenges and difficulties
  • Long lasting happiness and youthful joy
  • Getting your wish fulfilled

Since the Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, it is no wonder that people say the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s most people agree that the Dandelion looks so cheerful and happy, even when it is taking over a sidewalk or shading out grass in a lawn.

The dandelion symbolizes the sun (its golden head), the moon (the puffy white seed) and the stars (when they blow to the winds). This is part of the reason it’s associated with wishing.

The Ma’at Tarot has dandelion as the 9 of cups. The imagery shows someone blowing on the seeded head of a Dandelion when the field in front of them is already packed full. This ties directly to Dandelion’s spirit in terms of granting wishes but also reminds us that if we’re not careful – our wishes may come true in ways we hadn’t anticipated.