Other Thoughts

Healing of oneself is an ongoing work in progress. I have been fortunate to have worked with several healers from various traditions on my journey. My session with Kate stands out as a very memorable and spiritually enabling one. I thank Kate for such a healing and compassionate soul retrieval. The world needs true healers. That is what we have here.

Mark K.

Your vast knowledge of the human body and how it works is what finally gave me the relief and recovery I was missing before. You have been such a strong mentor for me and continue to be every day. I still follow, research and put into practice your many wise words which help me with my chronic back pain. That is what has given me strength and the inner power/wisdom to follow my True Self and the ability to understand my body better so I can find pain relief.

Even though we may not see each other in person, you are a part of my daily life.  Whether it through your teachings, or your big heart and that you have me the strength to stand up for myself and live my life for myself.  Your words are constantly in my ears coaxing me to learn more and open myself up to a better, more grounded fulfilled life.

Because of your coaching, I was able to make the changes I have been wanting to make, but was always too scared to make.  

Now, I am finally at peace and reaching for those teachings whenever I need some guidance.

Words are not even enough to say thank you for everything.

Katja ❤🙏🌙

I met Kate after a bad car accident for craniosacral and massage therapy. She helped me deal with the damage to my physical body including a concussion but her greatest gift was to help me reconnect with my internal spiritual needs. An area of my life that I had forgotten about with the demands of life and work. Taking the time to care and help me with physical and emotional needs has enriched my life exponentially. A blessing I am most grateful for. Kate‘s professionalism, knowledge, and genuine compassion for the world around her is humbling and I am glad I was blessed to have been in her care.


Honestly, Kate. You made me even stronger. That session definitely reminded me of the strength that I have neglected and forgotten about. I feel empowered like never before and I just need to continue on with the exercises and the work.


Kate, thank you so much for putting on the Healing Your Spiritual Light workshop.  It was a powerful experience which I gained great insights from.  As a new student to learning about my spiritual life, and what we are learning in this earth school, I was very interested to take part in the workshop, and the experience was highly impactful to me.  I truly felt the day was a special experience. 

The practical tools shared, such as Cutting Energy Cords and Journeying to find a spirit animal and teacher, were very helpful to me.  The elements of ritual and ceremony introduced showed me how to use these practices in my day to day life.  I walked away with a sense of starting to be in touch with my souls’ journey and felt empowered to continue to grow and learn.  Understanding we are all made of the same energy, and that the energy of love and light is available to us all, was a wonderful message to hear.  The guidance through the workshop shared great wisdom and I look forward to taking part in upcoming events.  The feeling and energy in the room was warm and nourishing, I wish everyone could have a chance to learn and grow in this space.  I have already been sharing with friends and family and recommending your workshops.  Thank you for being a guide to those who wish to learn.


Shamanic healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path.